Featured Capstone Project: Beyond Grantmaking to Policy Advocacy and Systems Change

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Matthew L. Evans is the Senior Director of Public Policy at the United Philanthropy Forum. As part of his participation in 2023 Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership Program, Matthew developed the following capstone project.

Matthew advocates for a transformative approach to impact change by the philanthropic sector, emphasizing the necessity for funders and the broader sector to extend beyond traditional grantmaking. In his memo, he addresses the importance of actively participating in public policy and advocacy with the goal of obtaining racial equity in the United States and, eventually, racial justice. This memo culminates in a comprehensive action plan that integrates grantmaking, policy advocacy, and strategic investments to achieve lasting systems change.

To access Matthew L. Evans’ full Capstone Management Project click here.

The Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership Program is designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of philanthropic practitioners working in private foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, donor advised funds, and other philanthropic organizations. To learn more about his program, click here.

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