Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership

We are currently accepting applications for our 2023 Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership. You can find information on the application process here.

About the Program

The Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership Program is designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of philanthropic practitioners working in private foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, donor advised funds, and other philanthropic organizations. The Certificate gives philanthropic leaders the opportunity to learn about groundbreaking strategies being used by funders large and small, local and global, and to think more broadly about the unique role philanthropy is called to play in our societies.

Designed as an experiential leadership lab, this program provides a stimulating and supportive climate for reimagining philanthropy today. Leaders will develop strategies for long-term change, approaches for engaging community, processes for measuring impact, and explore the possibilities of collaboration across the philanthropic ecosystem.

The program also gives participants the opportunity to become part of a network of philanthropic leaders committed to working to support each other’s goals, address challenges, and create new strategies for change.


The following session topics are included in the Executive Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership Program:

  • Leadership: Self, Organizations, Systems
  • Investigating the History of Philanthropy
  • Defining Philanthropic Ethics and Values
  • Exploring Strategies for Creating Social Change
  • Leveraging Philanthropic Capital for Maximum Results
  • Centering Racial Equity in Your Organization
  • Putting New Models of Philanthropy into Practice
  • Measuring Impact
  • Leading Change within Your Organization

Schedule and Deadlines

Rolling Application Process

In-Person Classes:
September 11-15, 2023 (5-day program)

Optional Virtual Classes:
October – December, 2023

Tuition: $7,000 (discounts based on financial need are available)