Meet our Alumni

Our signature Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program now has more than 1,500 alumni from the D.C. area and around the world.

89 participants from across the U.S. and the globe attended our 2019 programs. Participating organizations included: The World Food Program, ASHOKA, Mary’s Center, and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation. 


  • “This program does a really good job of assessing the current state of nonprofits and they are constantly looking at what is relevant and making the adjustments in the program to reflect where we are. A perfect example is the focus on racial equity. They are always asking for feedback to see if the people who are presenting are effective. They have made changes based on feedback to ensure that this program is useful, impactful, relevant, and transferrable to the real world today using people who live and breathe it currently every day.” – Cheryl Bell (Spring 2018)
  • “I thought that the quality of the instructors was very high. I was very impressed by the people that were put in front of us. Not only were they experts in their field but they were good at conveying information in a way that was very interesting and engaging.” – Paula Fitzgerald (Summer 2016)
  • “When I was applying for a job in President Obama’s administration, I sent in my resume, my cover letter, and activated my relationships to see if I could get an interview. I finally got an interview and the one thing the person interviewing me highlighted from my resume was the Certificate Program.”– Max Finberg (Summer 2007)