Meet our Alumni

Our signature Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program now has more than 1,750 alumni from the D.C. area and around the world.


  • “The program brought together the critical elements of running a nonprofit including board development, financial management, fundraising, philanthropy, hiring and retention. It gave me the opportunity as a nonprofit leader to spend an intensive week thinking through the essential elements that would allow a small nonprofit like CHANGE to continue to produce far-reaching results. I was able to take what I learned from the program and translate that into progressive, actionable steps for CHANGE.”– Serra Sippel (Summer 2019)
  • “The program has offered opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. Through engaging with experienced instructors, fellow participants, and the various learning activities, I have gained a deeper understanding of my own leadership style, strengths, and areas for development. This heightened self-awareness enables me to leverage my strengths effectively, while actively working on areas that need improvement.” – Gerald Moore (Summer 2023)
  • “I have already used the resources, concepts, and ideas in my day-to-day work to help drive strategy, support staff and streamline processes. There wasn’t a class that went by where I wasn’t able to apply it to my work in real-time. Additionally, I now have a new network of individuals I can call on, connect with and help support.” – Briana Webster Campbell (Spring 2023)
  • “I remember a particular session when we spoke about how communities of color are not really recognized or utilized for their philanthropic work. This was a sentiment I was able to take back to my own organization and develop more progressive paths forward. For example, I advocated for connecting with vendors of color and reconsidering the language we used with our students so that it wasn’t deficit based. I also felt that CPNL’s program gave me access to cutting edge knowledge about how to be an effective nonprofit practitioner and to understand the broader structure of the sector in general.”– Lindsey Barclay (Summer 2019)
  • “When I was applying for a job in President Obama’s administration, I sent in my resume, my cover letter, and activated my relationships to see if I could get an interview. I finally got an interview and the one thing the person interviewing me highlighted from my resume was the Certificate Program.”– Max Finberg (Summer 2007)

Meet Our Alumni

Gerald Moore, Mission Fulfilled 2023

Chris Biggs, Salesforce

Veronica Nolan, Urban Alliance

Terrance King, National Children’s Center

Bruno Boldrin Bezerra, ABRAIDI

Lisa Brown, Asian American Center of Frederick

Keesha Ceran, Teaching for Change

Jennifer Roccanti, On My Own of Michigan

Diana Ortiz, Doorways

Yasmine Arrington, ScholarCHIPS

Hind Essayegh, No Means No Worldwide

Max Holmes, Woodwell Climate Research Center

Muhi Khwaja, American Muslim Community Foundation

Yaheiry Mora, Community Change

Maurice Kie, Life Pieces to Masterpieces

Deana Frank, Community Partnership School

Maria Florea, German Marshall Fund

Brian Alvarado, Hiring Our Heroes

Ikimi Dubose, The Roots Fund

Isabel Argoti, Collegiate Directions

Lori Pitts, Voices Unbarred

Marisa Stubbs, Critical Exposure

John Uniack Davis, Helen Keller International

John Smith, NYC Health & Hospitals

Kate English, Educator’s Institute for Human Rights

Taylor Brown, Fund for Global Human Rights

Mike Di Marco, Horizons Greater Washington

Liz Levine, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Pablo Blank, CASA

Clifton King Jr., Mentors of Minorities in Education

Katharine Dixon, Rebuilding Together

Miles Jackson, Cuba Skate

Courtney Hall, Interfaith Works

Ana Acevedo, The Family Place

Dr. Mary Sue Carlson, Raising Haiti Foundation

Ari Pak, Asian American Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development

Cristina Gutierrez de Piñeres, United Way Colombia

Ewuare Osayande, The Osayande Racial Justice Initiative

Sarah MacDonald, Beaumont Health Foundation

Jeffery Tribble, The MusicianShip

Maggie Siddiqi, Center for American Progress

Tammam Alwan, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Serra Sippel, Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)

Jocelyn Harris, Housing Initiative Partnership

Rev. Alison Dunn-Almaguer, Washington Interfaith Network

Nandred Navarro, Second Story

Lindsey Barclay, CollegeTracks

Roland Selby Jr., Year Up

Andrea Thomas, United Planning Organization

Cedric Brown, Kapor Center

Jhae Thompson, Horton’s Kids

Max Finberg, Growing Hope Globally

Paula Fitzgerald, Ayuda

Cheryl Bell and Lara Pukatch, Miriam’s Kitchen

Patricia Harrison, World Learning