Meet our Alumni

Our signature Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program now has more than 1,550 alumni from the D.C. area and around the world.

90 participants from across the U.S. and the globe attended our 2020 programs. Participating organizations included: Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Earthworks, The American Muslim Community Foundation, and CASA de Maryland.


  • “The program brought together the critical elements of running a nonprofit including board development, financial management, fundraising, philanthropy, hiring and retention. It gave me the opportunity as a nonprofit leader to spend an intensive week thinking through the essential elements that would allow a small nonprofit like CHANGE to continue to produce far-reaching results. I was able to take what I learned from the program and translate that into progressive, actionable steps for CHANGE.” – Serra Sippel (Summer 2019)
  • “[The program] helped me develop the appropriate mindset to learn and gain the information to push my organization forward. The instructor who taught us the importance of storytelling motivated me to conduct more research on telling stories. It is a very vital skill to have in the fundraising environment, especially when we are looking for funders and other corporate partners. By telling a compelling story, not only are we able to share facts and data, but also attract the hearts and minds of others.” -Roland Selby Jr. (Summer 2018)
  • “I remember a particular session when we spoke about how communities of color are not really recognized or utilized for their philanthropic work. This was a sentiment I was able to take back to my own organization and develop more progressive paths forward. For example, I advocated for connecting with vendors of color and reconsidering the language we used with our students so that it wasn’t deficit based. I also felt that CPNL’s program gave me access to cutting edge knowledge about how to be an effective nonprofit practitioner and to understand the broader structure of the sector in general.” Lindsey Barclay (Summer 2019)
  • “When I was applying for a job in President Obama’s administration, I sent in my resume, my cover letter, and activated my relationships to see if I could get an interview. I finally got an interview and the one thing the person interviewing me highlighted from my resume was the Certificate Program.”– Max Finberg (Summer 2007)