April 30th Application Deadline for the Summer 2021 Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate

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The Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program is designed as an experiential leadership lab to explore the pressing issues that nonprofit leaders face and strengthen the management capacity of those working with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. 

The Summer 2021 Certificate Program will be held online June 12-19, 2021. The deadline to apply is April 30th. Learn more about the application process here.

Through the program, nonprofit leaders build the skills to:

  • Make decisions during times of uncertainty that will ensure organizational sustainability.
  • Lead a strategic planning process, from mission clarification and goal setting to implementation.
  • Manage organizational change to adapt to changing conditions, internal and external.
  • Create strategic communications that can turn empathy into action to advance your mission.
  • Develop effective and equitable human resource systems for motivating, managing, and retaining staff.
  • Enter an alumni network of more than 1,600 leaders working to address public needs.

As we look towards welcoming a new class of nonprofit leaders into our Summer 2021 Certificate Program, we want to share what some of our alumni have to say about their experience.

Something I came away with was diversity, not only in terms of demographic diversity or gender and race, but also in terms of experience. There are so many different people who take part in this program. You have people with decades of leadership experience, and people who are new to the sector creating a startup, and everyone in between. The program seeks to have a diversity of voices, and that does not go unnoticed.

-Kate English (Spring 2016), Executive Director, Educators Institute for Human Rights

The Program was an excellent introduction and overview of the nonprofit sector, and it convinced me that I could meaningfully contribute to this space. And I hope to again. Although my current position (and the one before it) are not squarely within the nonprofit sector, both were service oriented. The Program taught me how organizations can better tailor their outreach to a specific community, and how community-based organizations can more effectively interact with local government.

-John Smith (Summer 2019), Supervising Public Health Advisor NYC, Health & Hospitals

Apply immediately. It is a great program that helps you evaluate the work that you are doing, connect with peers who are doing similar work, and allows you to grow and develop your organization. When I reflect on the before and after with the Certificate Program, I think my organization benefited significantly from my participation. I was able to bring back the skills and knowledge I had acquired. I shared the readings and lessons learned with our volunteers in the U.S. and our staff in Cuba. Even in this virtual environment, it will be a great experience, so sign up immediately.

-Miles Jackson (Spring 2016) Founder and Executive Director of Cuba Skate