The Push for Racial Equity in the Howard County Public School System

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August 3, 2021

For the culmination of her time as the 2020-2021 Eisenberg Public Interest Fellow at the Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Victoria Owens chose to write a case study about the state of racial equity policy in the Howard County, Maryland Public School System, where she attended K-12. Following the racial justice movement in response to the death of George Floyd, and the renewed emphasis on the role of education in addressing racial injustices, Victoria began to reflect on her educational background in a predominantly white community and how race and identity was addressed. Upon reflection, she realized that during her time in the Howard County Public School System, discussions about the understanding of race and how it impacts every aspect of society were largely absent from her education. Upon talking with other Howard County students, Victoria realized that the lack of education in this area was a shared experience, extending long before and long after her time in the school system. In response to this inadequacy, she created a petition addressing racial bias in the school system, potential action steps, and a section highlighting experiences of students of color in the school system. After the petition was submitted on June 10, 2020, Victoria met with school officials, attended school board meetings, collaborated with community activists, and met with the superintendent. Her case study, The Push for Racial Equity in the Howard County Public School System, is a summary and analysis of the actions that have been taken by the Howard County Public School System since that petition was sent on June 10, 2020.