Report on Poverty, Income Inequality and Racism in the DC Metropolitan Area

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February 8, 2017 – We are please to share Laying the Foundation:  Building a Collective Approach to Addressing Poverty, Income Inequality, and Racism in the DC Metropolitan Region.  
The paper, written by Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership staff Margaret O’Bryon and Lucretia Witte, aggregates, summarizes, and analyzes hours of conversations with multiple stakeholders in the DC metropolitan region, representing diverse points of view, sectors, and experiences.  A principal finding was the need to develop a shared understanding of the causal relationship between racial equity, income inequality and poverty in the city and region and to move into a collective effort that results in an actionable and accountable agenda for addressing these huge challenges.  Based on our research, the key elements of a shared agenda are as follows: 

  • A systemic approach that addresses root causes, structural racism, and implicit bias, and that supports inclusive and equitable asset- and wealth-building strategies.
  • Policies that benefit all citizens and are based on models that work in the city, the region, and across the country.
  • Community input and engagement that is inclusive and mutually beneficial.
  • Boundary crossing within and between all sectors, multiple jurisdictions, and diverse policy and program areas.

We hope you find this issue brief to be of value to your ongoing efforts.