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Miriams Kitchen Advocacy

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The Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership has partnered with Reimagining Service for the Bank of America Service Leadership Fellows Program. The Program provides opportunities for graduate students to develop and apply their research skills in support of an innovative coalition that seeks to increase volunteer engagement. McCourt School of Public Policy students Jennifer Prats and Natalie Holmes used the Fellowship to learn about cutting-edge research on volunteerism and the social sector.

Natalie wrote a case study on Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) that has been serving DC for 30 years. While the organization originally set out to provide meals, clothing, and other necessities to the homeless population in DC, Miriam’s Kitchen has expanded its mission—it, now, strives to end chronic homelessness in DC. To achieve this goal, Miriam’s Kitchen is currently implementing a volunteer advocacy campaign that seeks to leverages its unique, committed volunteer base, to empower them to become advocates. In her case study, Natalie addresses lessons learned and gives recommendations for next steps in developing the program. 

Jennifer wrote a case study on Cities of Service, Nashville, a partnership between HandsOn Nashville and the Mayor’s Office to focus volunteer engagement on true community needs. Since the establishment of this partnership, Nashville residents have volunteered 150,000 hours and contributed $2.53 million worth of services to support education and the environment. In her case study, Jennifer highlights the importance of strategic partnerships to promote meaningful service and volunteerism.

The case studies can be accessed here:

Case Study: Miriam’s Kitchen

Case Study: Cities of Service, Nashville