Since its founding, the Center has been engaged in seminal research that considers a broad range of policy and leadership issues relevant to nonprofit practitioners. Through a series of collaborate research initiatives with a range of organizations, the Center’s Waldemar A. Nielsen Chair in Philanthropy, faculty, visiting practitioners, and students continue to develop a base of knowledge on effective policies and practices leading to vibrant and healthy organizations and communities.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, CPNL has three graduate research fellows. 

  • Ashley Pollard, a Pablo Eisenberg Public Interest Fellow, will be conducting case study research on one U.S. public school district that is intentionally promoting racial equity to ensure the academic success of its students.

  • Steven Swann, a Pablo Eisenberg Public Interest Fellow, will research a Washington, DC budget advocacy coalition to explore the effort to advance racial equity in housing policy for city residents with very low incomes. 

  • Erica Turner is the Waldemar A. Nielsen Fellow in Philanthropy. Her year-long research project will focus on the role of philanthropy in the 2020 Census and how it relates to racial equity. 

Our publication series include:

  • Women Leadership Profiles
  • Philanthropy Issue Briefs
  • Essays on Excellence: Lessons from the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program
  • Policy in Action Case Studies