Increasingly, the U.S. economy and the health of our global communities rely on a robust and highly-functioning nonprofit sector. The public sector, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector all recognize the growing need to collaborate in order to tackle this challenging work. At the Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership, we see our role as preparing leaders who can work for the public good across all sectors.

Through a focus on experiential learning, we provide opportunities for Georgetown graduate students to engage in rigorous study, undertake challenging research, and practice the skills that are required of cross-sector leaders. The Center offers leadership development and executive education programs, including our signature Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate, for individuals working in or with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. Finally, the Center focuses attention on education and research at the intersection of philanthropy and public policy—through its endowed Waldemar A. Nielsen Chair in Philanthropy—strengthening the efforts of using philanthropy to address intractable social problems.

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Harnessing Virginia’s Grassroots Resistance

John Smith, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about John’s work on COVID-19 contact tracing in NYC.

Kate English, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn how Kate teaches about America’s history with atrocities.

Taylor Brown, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Taylor’s work at the Fund for Global Human Rights.

Mike Di Marco, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Mike’s commitment to closing the opportunity gap for low income students.

Liz Levine, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Liz’s work at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

How to Lead Systems Change - Canva Banner

Learn about different approaches to systems change from the practitioner’s perspective.

Pablo Blank, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight (1) (1)

Learn about Pablo’s work with immigrant communities.

Clifton King, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Clifton’s passion for transforming children’s education.

Katharine Dixon, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Katharine’s work at Rebuilding Together DC – Alexandria.

Miles Jackson, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Miles’s experience founding and leading Cuba Skate.

CourtneyHall, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight (1)

Learn about Courtney’s career serving homeless populations in the D.C. area.

MarySueCarlson, NPMCert Alumni Spotlight

Learn about Dr. Carlson’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Haiti.


Learn about Cristina’s experience merging two nonprofits in Colombia.

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Read about measuring the impact of social movements.

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Pandemics and Protests as a Portal for Change

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Lessons Learned from Developing an Online Executive Education Program

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Strategies for Racial Equity in Organizations

Philanthorpy Class Photo Spring 2020

Philanthropy Class Responds to COVID-19

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