Resource List – Responding to COVID-19

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April 14, 2020

CPNL has compiled several resources that will help your nonprofits mount an effective response to the unprecedented challenges of this pandemic. You can find additional resources as part of our series on Leading in Times of Hyper Change.

As Disasters Go, Coronavirus Impact on Philanthropy Unprecedented and ‘Crazy’ by Michael Theis

Regine Webster, who leads the grant-making and consulting teams for the center, talked with the Chronicle about how the coronavirus crisis is different from anything else the nonprofit sector has dealt with previously.

How to Help the Most Vulnerable Through the Pandemic by Lauren A. Smith

The coronavirus will take a greater toll on people who were marginalized before the crisis started. Read this article for strategies that can help your nonprofit provide vulnerable populations extra-support.

Coronavirus Advice for Nonprofit Leaders by Sara Gibson

This article highlights tips for communicating during a crisis, strengthening financial resilience, preparing for disruptions to operations, and planning long-term in the wake of the virus.

How to Use Scenario Planning to Prepare for Covid-19 by Trista Harris.

This article provides various tips for charities and foundations, including a simple tool for conducting a brainstorming session about possible future challenges and opportunities.

No Elbow Bumps – Nonprofits Going Corona-Virtual by The Nonprofit Times

This article covers the successful transition many nonprofits are making to a digital workplace.

6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover From Coronavirus Spread by Antony Bugg-Levine

These are ways your grant makers can help your transitioning nonprofit by loosening reporting rules and restrictions and maintaining grant levels even as the stock-market swoon hurts their endowments.

What Nonprofit Board Members Should Be Doing Right Now to Address the COVID-19 Situation by Joy Folkedal and Lindsay Tallman

As the world responds to the threats of COVID-19, many nonprofits and their boards are wrestling with difficult questions and decisions. For these uncertain times, this article highlights the ways your board can provide steady and adaptive leadership in partnership with and in support of the CEO.

10 Tips for a Better Crisis Communications Strategy by Eden Stiffman

In this article, nonprofit and crisis experts offer guidance on how to communicate effectively during a crisis.

Nonprofit Fundraising Events during Coronavirus – Virtual? Cancel? Postpone?

In this video, charity auctioneer Abra Annes offers advice on what to consider and how to make the call to cancel your fundraising event.

A Tips for Leading Your Team Through Stressful Times by Rebecca Koenig

In this article, experts advise facing sources of stress head on and communicating frequently with colleagues about how you plan to address them.

No Business Continuity Plan? Take These 4 Steps by Nonprofit Risk Management Center

In this article, The Nonprofit Risk Management Center offers a simple “quick-start framework” to use when your nonprofit faces an interruption to its operations.

How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19

Nonprofit Quarterly asked Tim Delaney, president & CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, to share insights about how nonprofits might utilize the new federal legislation relating to coronavirus to advance their missions.

Loans Available for Nonprofits in the CARES Act

In this chart, The National Council of Nonprofits lists the resources that may be available to supplement your organization’s budgets at this time.

Should grantmaking go up in bad times and down in good times?

This article explores how foundations can help support and stabilize your  The Nonprofit Risk Management Center offers a simple “quick-start framework” to use when your nonprofit faces an interruption to its operations.

Navigating COVID-19 and the CARES Act Webinar

This Thursday (3/02/2020) join Independent Sector for a webinar a walkthrough of their   CARES Act resource and more updates on what else might be coming up in the federal policy space.

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